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Make A Big Business Statement!

Corporate Art & antiques for all business offices to suit any budget. When it comes to advertising projecting your company worldwide, Cheshire Antiques Consultant understands the power of aesthetics in communicating & representing your company's ethos & brand digitally & physically around the World through works of art & antiques. As a public relations tool, art & antiques conveys your own unique style that makes you stand out, great taste & impresses your clients in meetings via zoom or in person in your office space, business partners also employees alike. It also positively enhance the moods of the office space working environments and promotes fascinating discussions.

Between our strong collaboration with the Famous Lord Hill Museum together with our own rich and diverse artwork collections of available stock, and expert knowledge of the traditional classic & contemporary art & antique markets, Cheshire Antiques Consultant offers our corporate clients a well balanced, personal, and holistic approach to the acquisition of fine arts & antiques. We offer you interior consultancy & work with your budget and vision & choose Fine Art pieces that can work & suite all office spaces.

While Cheshire Antiques Consultant primary area of Corporate collecting expertise pivots around commercial spaces our paintings & antiques can be found in large offices, private firms, boutiques, restaurants, and hotels across the globe. To our local and regional clients we offer white-glove on-approval services upon request.


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